How to Find the Perfect Home

July 5th, 2016

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Most agents rely on the MLS to find homes for their buyers. Once a home is listed on the market, they hurry and try to match their buyers up with it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, that’s a tough strategy to use in today’s market.

There is so much interest generated on the best homes that the ones with amazing prices and great views sell very quickly. They typically sell over asking price and with multiple offers, and it leads to frustrated buyers.

Our buyer team does things differently.

Our buyer team does things differently. We have a saying that goes like this: “If we rely on the MLS to exist, we may not exist in the future.” What we know is that the top agents go out and proactively prospect to find homes that are not yet on the market or not even listed for sale, so our buyers can get the homes they love, get them quickly, and get them at a fair market price.

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What to Expect This Year in the Tucson Housing Market

June 2nd, 2016

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What you’re hearing from the media right now is that Tucson is in the best real estate market we’ve ever had, and that there’s an impending doom coming. I wanted to dispel those rumors.

Here in Tucson – unlike most of the country – we have not yet returned to peak pricing. In my opinion, we still have a lot of room to go. The question is: will we make it there in this cycle, or the next?

Unfortunately, I think the answer is that it’s going to go back down before it goes back up where it previously was. But that’s OK. Homes are still selling. Homes are a lifetime investment, after all. They’re not commodities or equities that should be traded that way. It’s a different strategy with your home.

Homes are a lifetime investment

When I’m talking with a buyer or seller, we’re always talking about the long-term play. What are you going to do in that home? What is it going to do for your financial future? When you start to think about your home as a 30- or 50-year investment, you look at it differently than a two- or three-year investment.

The short answer is that today’s market is great. Interest rates are low and homes are flying off the shelf. The best-priced homes are selling, and they’re selling quickly. We just sold a home with four offers in three days on the market! There are 17 homes in the same neighborhood that are simply sitting, some for more than 45 days.

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How Does an Appraiser See Home Values?

May 2nd, 2016

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Today I just wanted to talk for a minute about the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate appraiser. The #1 questions I get during listing presentations is, “What is my home worth?” The truth is, the math an agent uses to find home value is much different from the math an appraiser uses.

I have a good friend who works as an appraiser and we were talking about how we evaluate homes. He told me what we do is so much more difficult than what they do as appraisers. You see, by the time an appraiser gets involved in the process, they already have a benchmark price and market data to look at in the form of the accepted offer. It’s their job to assess what other buyers and sellers have paid and sold for in this area and see if it works out for the lender.

As an agent, our job is to choose a price that will cause the home to sell. This isn’t the same as the price the home will eventually sell for or the price it should sell for, it’s the price that will cause it to sell. A lot of times sellers question this method, but it’s an essential tool in positioning your home as the best value on the market, and that’s what will bring buyers.

The market will never let the home sell for cheap, because buyers will always be competing for a deal. When you have multiple offers and create a bidding war on your home, that’s how you create demand and that’s how you sell for top dollar.

I’ve seen this strategy work first-hand. In just the last year, I sold two homes of my own using this strategy, and I set the record for both sales price and days on market in my neighborhood. We recommend the strategy because it works.

If you have any questions for me, or are thinking about buying or selling anytime in the near future, give me a call or send me an email. I would love to hear from you!

The Secrets to Home Staging

April 11th, 2016

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1. Use Color Creatively – Color can be incorporated in many ways, so don’t be afraid to use it creatively. From unique pieces of art to decorative pillows, a pop of color can really catch a buyer’s eye.

2. Conquer Clutter – Throw out old belongings that simply add to a clutter-filled home.

3. Less Is More – Too much furniture is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make. Consider arranging a few core pieces in your space and see the difference.

4. Float Furniture – Pull furniture away from the walls to create groups within a room and to help with the traffic flow in and through the space.

5. Mix It Up – Shake up the room’s style and attitude by periodically moving furniture around and incorporating old accessories into your design in a new way.

6. Re-purpose Unused Rooms – Make that junk room into a dreamy crafts room.

7. Let Light In – Letting outside light in can brighten the space and make the room feel larger.

8. Light It Up – Most homes are improperly lit. Aim for 100 watts every 50 square feet in layers of ambient, task and accent lighting.

9. Rearrange Your Art – Displaying art in traditional ways — in a circle at the same height around the room — can make it invisible. Leave the stereotype behind and display art in surprising ways.

10. Paint It Black – Looking for a chic, dramatic style? Try freshening your furniture with a coat of black paint.

11. Accessorize With Threes – Odd-numbered groups of accessories, especially threes, tend to be more eye appealing.

12. Bring the Outdoors IN – Head outside and grab some greenery from your yard to bring a fresh look indoors.

13. Make an Entrance – Creating a warm entrance to your home is welcoming to your guests.

14. Walk through each room and criticize the home from a buyer’s perspective.

15. Ask a few local real estate professionals for their advice.

16. Consider getting a professional home inspection to see if any repairs are needed.

17. Hire a contractor to handle any major projects.

18. Consider getting an appraisal to find out your current market value.

19. Hold a yard sale. Sell, donate or trash anything you don’t need.

20. Refrain from smoking in the home.

21. Thoroughly clean the entire home.

22. Scrub tile in the kitchen and bathrooms.

23. Stage the front porch or deck with furniture and potted plants.

24. Steam clean carpets and drapes. Consider replacing carpet if stains are prominent.

25. Get rid of all dust bunnies.

26. Repair cracks and holes in the walls.

27. Paint interior walls with neutral colors, like beige, cream or light pastels. Pale blues and greens are good for bathrooms.

28. Remove excess and oversized furniture.

29. Rearrange furniture to maximize space.

30. Organize room closets and store out-of- season clothes.

31. Remove all small appliances, toys, magazines and pet items.

32. Remove family photos, personal collections and medications.

33. Remove items from the garage and store them off site.

34. Secure valuable items, including cash and jewelry.

35. Make sure fireplaces are in working condition.

36. Paint the home’s exterior, including trim, doors and shutters.

37. Check front door, doorbell, address number and welcome mat.

38. Power wash the siding and windows.

39. Inspect the roof and make repairs as needed.

40. Repair cracks in the driveway and sidewalks.

41. Sweep the entryway and walkways.

42. Mow, water and fertilize the lawn.

43. Trim shrubs and trees and rake the leaves.

44. Plant colorful flowers and shrubs.

45. Store any toys or equipment lying on the yard.

46. Clean up pet droppings.

47. Clean the gutters and downspouts.

48. Mop and wax/polish the floors.

49. Clear the countertops.

50. Replace outdated hardware.

51. Clean appliances and fixtures.

52. Clean and organize the pantry, cabinets and drawers.

53. Replace old caulking around sinks and bathtubs.

54. Remove stains from sinks, toilets and bathtubs.

55. Clean the backyard and pool area.

56. Keep all toilet seat lids closed.

57. Hang fresh towels.

58. Remove rugs to show off hardwood floors.

59. Bake cookies or burn scented candles.

60. Offer light refreshments.

61. Install higher wattage incandescent light bulbs to brighten rooms.

62. Turn on all the lights.

63. Open windows to let in fresh air.

64. Open curtains or blinds to let in natural light and show off views.


65. Turn off TVs.

66. Relocate pets on the day of the open house.

67. Refrain from smoking in the home.

69. Stage the front porch or deck with furniture and potted plants.

What Happens If I Wait to Sell or Buy in Tucson?

March 16th, 2016

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The spring selling season is upon us, Tucson! This is every Realtor’s favorite time of year, because buyers come out of the woodwork and kids are getting out of school. Buyers are finally making the decision that it’s the year and time they want to make a major move. They’re footsteps away from stepping into their dream homes!


Don’t hesitate. This is the opportunity to make your move. If you wait, the kids will already be out of school and you’ll be rushing yourselves. Most likely, you’ll be in multiple offer situations. Don’t let that happen to you!

However, sellers can really benefit from this seasonal competition. Now is the opportune time to make a move, especially if you’ve been on the fence.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in the surrounding area, reach out to us by phone or email. We’d be happy to serve your real estate needs and be a resource at your disposal!

Rising Interest Rates in Tucson

January 6th, 2016


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The Fed has announced they’re raising short-term interest rates. It’s only a .25% price difference, but this will have a significant impact on the market. We will see long-term interest rates rise, which is a sign of a healthy economy.


However, we need to look out for something when buying and selling homes in Tucson. A 1% interest rate increase means the price of the home goes up by 10%. For instance, the average home in Tucson costs $200,000. However, with a 1% rate increase, it will then cost $220,000 through monthly payments. That’s a big deal.

How can you quickly lock in rates? Get started today. Reach out to us by phone or email and we’ll help you lock in a low rate as soon as possible!

Thank You for Your Loyalty and Support

December 22nd, 2015


Thank you for all of your loyalty and support this year.

We’re very honored and pleased to be your #1 choice for real estate assistance.

We helped over 100 families in Phoenix buy and sell real estate, and we hope to assist even more people in 2016!

We’re shooting to double that number and help 200 families, but we will need more of your support if we wish to do that.

If you know of anyone who wants to get a head start on a home sale in 2016, please be sure to send them our way. We will take great care of them.

Happy Holidays from the Jerimiah Taylor Team!

Why Selling During the Holidays Is Smart in Tucson

November 24th, 2015


Today I want to talk to you about the benefits of putting your home on the market during the holidays. Many sellers have been telling us that they plan on waiting until the first of the year to sell because that’s when all the serious buyers will enter the market, but that’s not true.

The snowbirds are coming to town and ready to pay top dollar for your real estate. During the month of October, we sold 1,188 homes, one of our best months of the year considering we will sell just over 12,000 homes by the end of the year.


Over 2,000 homes will sell between now and the end of the year. You’re already decorated for the holidays and the buyers that are out there looking for property right now are mores serious, motivated, and have a good reason to be out shopping during the holidays.

If you have any questions for us, or are interested in putting your home on the market, give us a call or send us an email. I look forward to speaking with you!

How Should You Price Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar?

October 15th, 2015

Today I want to talk a little bit about pricing your home to sell. When we are out talking to sellers about where to price their homes, a lot of times they want to price it above the market value, knowing that they can always reduce the price if they don’t get any offers. While it might seem like the smart thing to do in order to sell for top dollar, it’s actually counterintuitive to accomplishing that.

When we take a home onto the market, the first 5 weeks are the time where we are going to get the most activity. We have found that pricing the home at the market value, or up to 10% above market value, only allows us to capture about 35% of buyers. If we price the home at market value, or up to 10% below it, we are going to increase the number of buyers that see the property to 75%.


What this tells us is buyers are looking for value, and when they see value in a property, they are more likely to come in, make an offer, and compete for the home. The strategy of pricing the home slightly lower than its market value started with the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the 1980’s and studies since have shown that this is the way to get the most money for your property. When it’s time to sell your home, keep in mind that pricing it at or slightly below market value will net you the most money in your pocket. If you have any questions for us, feel free  to give us a call or send us an email. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Where Is the Tucson Market Heading?

August 31st, 2015

The long summer days have provided wonderful opportunities for us to sell homes. In fact, just last month, we sold just over 1,470 homes, nearly a 26% increase over June of last year! This is great news for the local market here in Tucson.


This activity has effectively lowered our active inventory by almost 7% year over year, which is what we desperately needed. We want inventory to continue depleting so we can create a hard seller’s market and push prices as we go. So far, the decrease in inventory we’ve seen has brought prices up roughly 3% across the board.

All in all, it’s a great time to be a homeowner in Tucson, as that appreciation we’ve seen so far is very sustainable in the long run. Barring anything unforeseen, things are looking up here in our market! The summer is ending strong just before the robust snowbird season gets underway. If you have questions about these conditions, or if you need our assistance making your move, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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